Cultural Quarter Earlies ONLINE
11, July 2020

Life in Roman Leicester - online family fun!
12-4pm, free

Cultural Quarter Earlies is back - online and, this month, back in time!

Life in Roman Leicester

Teaming up with University of Leicester for the Festival of Archaeology we're going back in time to explore Life in Roman Leicester with more FREE family activities.

10+ livestreamed free drop-in workshops, some at specific times, including stamping, weaving, hair dressing, toga dress up, sculpting and baking! Plus loads more including

Has someone annoyed you recently? Or stolen something? Perhaps they have eaten the last biscuit or broken a favourite possession. Learn about two curse tablets from Leicester and get revenge the Roman way and curse them!

Romans loved to be entertained, whether it was gladiatorial combat, chariot races, athletics, public speeches and spectacles or theatre. Appreciation for Roman culture and the performing arts can be seen on several artefacts from Leicester including a wall fresco showing a theatrical mask. Learn how to make your own Roman theatre mask and learn how to play ancient Roman board games.

Did you know that the earliest known person to have lived in Leicester, that we know of by name, was a Roman soldier? Find out more about the fascinating life of Marcus Ulpius Novantico and have a go designing and making your own Roman shield.

Some of the best examples of art in Roman Britain are the mosaics which floor villas, townhouses and public buildings. Leicester has once of the earliest recorded mosaics in the country, the Cyparrisus Pavement discovered in 1675. Find out more about Leicester’s Roman mosaics and have a go designing and making your own.

All workshops are drop-in and live at Cori's Archaeology and Classics in the Community Live

See the schedule and what materials you may need to have handy, on Facebook



Also on Saturday 11 July - other Cultural Quarter Earlies activities online at Phoenix and Leicester Print Workshop:

Phoenix at Home
Learn how to make your own games at home with Scratch and Phoenix's fun tutorials

Leicester Print Workshop #LPWatHome
Kamihanga for Kids - Learn to create simple, beautiful images using cardboard packaging and other materials found around your home. This is a great technique to explore the halo affect, colour and layering. Suitable for all ages!

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