Easy Saturday family day
10, March 2018 - 11, March 2018

British Science Week STEM takeover, Sat 10 March 11am-9pm featuring Creat-A-Con & Tech-Us-Together launch
Tons of have-a-go projects, talks, food and drinks

Our third Easy Saturday of 2018 hosts a Creat-A-Con/TUT special 11am-9pm during British Science Week (9-18 March)

LCB and our café-bar Grays will be open to serve you fun, art and refreshments.


Join Creat-A-Con at Easy Saturday as they explore the best and most inspiring science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) projects from the #Leicestershire area, during British Science Week!

11-4pm main Creat-A-Con  event -Schrödinger's caff science (soft) drinks, + science busking,  Emma's brain, Lisa's Workshop

4-6pm Tech Us Together (in Lightbox) launch event!
Talks by industry professionals aimed at both young people and adults followed by informal networking


Creat-A-Con event after-party!

6pm - 9pm is time for the adults (18+ only) to cut loose...James Kelly and Sean Clark will be providing music and laser show, Schrodinger's Caffe will be making science cocktails (pay what you want), and we'll have a selection of VR and gaming experiences throughout!

Join the Facebook event to let us know you'll be coming.

MAIN EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/246515395886358/

Including Piece for Laser Beam by turntablist and composer James Kelly.

More info on Eventbrite


And, more info here::

Creat-A-Con + TUT 10/3/18
11am - 4pm Creat-A-Con

Promotion: #BSW18 #CREAT18

BUILDING A: 11am - 4pm
Leicester Hackspace
Leicester Fixers
Tech Chaps

TO CONFIRM: Stitch n Bitch

Reception area
Emma's Brain by the window
Interact Digital Arts in the Print Room
Detective Dot - Table opposite reception
Mark Towers / Sean Carroll in the projector booth - PRZM

Gray’s Cafe
Schrödinger's Caffè science (soft) drinks, + science busking (experiments with household bits and pieces)

TO CONFIRM: Podcast brunch club

COURTYARD: 11am - 4pm
Bambino Disco (backup: in the cafe with Schrödinger's Caffè)
Freeplay Lisa workshop
Cyclone Works paint cycles
Charlotte Stevens permaculture

TO CONFIRM: Visit from a giant dragon
TO CONFIRM: Leicester City Council

BUILDING B: 11am - 4pm
Starbase Leicester LEGO and K’Nex in the left room
VR and Minecraft (SideFest) in the middle room
Institution of Engineering and Technology in the right room
Institute of Mechanical Engineers / Rolls-Royce in the right room
Micro:Bit in the right room

TO CONFIRM: Lo-Fi Free Polaroid Lift (lightbox or Building B right room)
Discover Polaroid Lifts. A process where the Polaroid photograph is deconstructed to remove the fragile layer that contains the image. This thin silk like layer is then transferred onto other surfaces and manipulated by hand.

4pm - 6pm Tech Us Together


"Tech Us Together Launch Event - Tech Us Together, fondly known as TUT, is a Leicester based social enterprise that lets people know about jobs in technology they might not have heard of before, inspiring people to new interests and pursuits in tech. Join us for the launching of Tech Us Together with the first ever TUT Talkers event where you can hear from a panel of speakers that work in varied jobs across technology."

From 0-5000ft...how a career in technology allowed me to take off!
Tom Noble, founder of Tom N Tech, will discuss how his diverse experience within the technology sector has helped him fly amongst the clouds. With a focus on client interaction, Tom has developed a business that helps local businesses and students achieve their goals, whilst working alongside some incredibly talented people. Technology careers don't have to be limited to raw science and coding, they are accessible to everyone. Technology is communication, technology is networking, technology is taking to the skies."

Colette Rawlinson, Head of Delivery for UK IBM CIC will share her personal story of perseverance against disability, abuse and medical challenges to build an IT career through 25 years to be proud of. Colette’s inspirational story proves that a positive attitude, taking opportunities to network up and down can go from scary to effectively progressing your career into varied IT roles.

Professor Gabriel Egan
Shakespeare and computers are not usually thought to go together, but in fact the latest research into the Bard's texts uses a lot of computational analysis to discover new facts about his writing. Did you think that Shakespeare invented a lot of new words? He didn't! Did you think that he wrote all this plays on his own? He didn't: he co-wrote them with other dramatists of the time. Who do you think has the larger vocabulary, you or Shakespeare? The answer is you! Gabriel Egan is Professor of Shakespeare Studies at De Montfort University and he will talk about the revolutions that are happening across English Literature as serious computational analysis is beginning to be applied to these long-studied texts. Language, we now know, is the ultimate Big Data.

6pm - 9pm Creat-A-Con after party

Gray’s Cafe
Schrödinger's Caffè pay-as-you-feel cocktails

TO CONFIRM: Mark Towers & co. music performance

Reception Area
Gaming - front window and Print Room
VR - projector booth

Light Box

TO CONFIRM: Sean Clark laser show, connected to music



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