MBD at LCB : Empire Soldiers
10, February 2020 - 14, February 2020

VR installation
LCB celebrates interactive media

Week Two of three week-long projects at LCB Depot by Leicester's creative digital storytellers Metro Boulot Dodo

Empire Soldiers is a breathtaking show blending performance and technology to tell the compelling stories of the forgotten Caribbean soldiers of World War 1.

Using virtual reality headsets and surround sound this show brings a truly immersive experience that is emotive and unforgettable.

You will be transported back in time to 1918 alongside soldiers returning from the front line. You will hear the captivating stories of the battlefield directly from the soldiers themselves and share their emotional experiences of the return home.

Mon 10 Feb : 1-5pm
Tues 11, Weds 12, Thurs 13 : 10am-5pm
Fri 14 : 10am-1pm
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