MBD at LCB : Overview Effect
3, February 2020 - 7, February 2020

Projected artwork celebrating the 1969 moon landing
LCB celebrates interactive media

Week One of three week-long projects at LCB Depot by Leicester's creative digital storytellers Metro Boulot Dodo

Overview Effect is a breath-taking animation that celebrates the ambition and technical achievement of the 1969 moon landing. From the surface of the moon, we share the view of the Apollo 11 astronauts, and how they came to understand the fragility of the planet we call home.

Overview Effect is a psychedelic and atmospheric projection set to a stunning original soundtrack. It asks us to celebrate what the human race is capable of achieving, and consider the cost of the problems we choose to ignore.

Overview Effect is a 12 minute projection shown on a loop throughout the day, Monday 3 - Friday 7 February, 9am-5.30pm.

Suitable for all ages.

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