Mods 19:64 - shaping a generation - fashion talks
15, June 2019

Saturday 15 June 1.30pm & 3pm
a REVIVE Festival event

1964 was the year when Mods and Rockers fought on the beaches of southern England and Mod philosophy exploded unapologetically into UK mainstream culture. For many, life would never be the same again.

Mods 19:64 is a stunning black and white photographic exhibition that captures Leicester and Nottingham Mods from that remarkable year as they are today in 2019 – 19:64. Hosted in the Lightbox Gallery at LCB Depot, most of the images were taken outside iconic Mod related buildings in both cities such as the Dungeon nightclub in Nottingham and the Il Rondo in Leicester. Photographs by Joe Nixon (Arch Creative). Words by Shaun Knapp.

Friday 14 June 6.30-9.30pm
Come to the official REVIVE Festival launch, with Biff Bang Pow DJs, food, and 1960s scooters display!

Saturday 15 June
Two Mod fashion talks at LCB Depot :

Peter Feely

1.30-2.30pm Peter Feely on his Psychedelic 60s clothing collection

Peter Feely is a collector of men's psychedelic fashion, which was available in high-fashion London Boutiques around Kings Rd & Carnaby Street in the late 60s, such as Granny Takes a Trip. Peter will talk through, and showcase parts of his collection and discuss his experience as a collector.

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Gill Evans Catling

3.00 - 4.00pm Gill Evans Catling (The Queen of the Mods) on her life and designing clothes

If you are, or have ever been active in the Mod scene you will have heard of Gill Evans Catling. Gill and her late husband Del Evans were original Mods back in the sixties, having already coined the pre-Mod term Continentalists in the late 50s. Always stylish & polished, Gill is a walking master-class of Mod style; a beacon of feminine tailoring and a true Icon of Mod.

Gill still creates clothing collections today and will be talking about her life and love of fashion with Dr Jenny Gilbert, lecturer in Design Cultures at De Montfort University.

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Try one of Gray's Wimpy burgers :

Grays Wimpy menu


Sunday 16 June : Soul Sunday
Food for the soul (Sunday Roast in a bun!) and Sixties soul music with DJ Earl Dedley at lunchtime with Grays at LCB Depot.
Free scooter parking in the courtyard 1-7pm!
Curve Young Dance Company - mod-inspired dance at 1pm!


Mods 19:64 complements the exhibition Mods - Shaping A Generation at Leicester's New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, 13 April to 30 June, and is part of the citywide REVIVE Festival over three weekends June 15-30.


See Shaping a Generation on Facebook and the Shaping A Generation website - The untold story of the Leicester & Nottingham Mod Scene

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