Stick it to the man! The Art of Thinking about counter-culture
21, June 2018

A Culture On The Offensive Summer of Love event, 7.15pm £5/£3
50 years 1968 – 2018 : FAR OUT MAN!
Culture On The Offensive’s Summer of Love

DOORS OPEN 6.45 – TALK 7.15
£5.00 or £3.00 concessions
Tickets available through Eventbrite or on the door.

17 May Power to the people
The art of thinking about protest

21 June Stick it to the man
The art of thinking about counter-culture

19 July Give peace a chance
The art of thinking about peace

16 August All you need is love
The art of thinking about love

Are you fed up with the polarised black and white thinking often caused by those social media echo chambers? Culture on the Offensive are running fun, informal, sociable and thought provoking evening talks and discussions from 7.15pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month, admission £5/£3.

These four summer evenings will centre around the 50th Anniversary of 1968 and the political and cultural changes that occurred. These will be compared to current political and cultural trends in the contemporary digital age.

We will be looking at past and present happenings, through film and video clips, poetry and music. Learn new ways of thinking outside of the box and gain tools to use in other aspects of your personal life. Link up with other people who enjoy free-thinking.
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