The Art of Thinking about pretentiousness
18, April 2019 - 19, April 2019

A Culture On The Offensive event, 7 - 9.30pm £5/£3
Thursday 18 April



"That's so Embarrasing!"

One of the things that contemporary art prides itself on is its ability to be aesthetically daring. Art has a reputation for being difficult, challenging, and inaccessible in ways that can be deeply alienating to most people. It’s easy to think the term ‘pretentious’ is just a way that people who don’t understand modern dismiss it without making any effort to truly “get it.” But the problem is, even people who love difficult, challenging and inaccessible art use the word ‘pretentious’ to describe certain works of art they see as failing in some way. So what kind of failure is this? When a work of art is pretentious, does this mean its simply ugly, or difficult to enjoy? Or is pretentiousness a sign of narcissism in the artist? What would be examples of pretentious art? Is pretentious art in evidence when the essay standing next to the work of art is more interesting than the work of art itself? Is a work of art pretentious, when you stare at it and think, “My 5 year old could do that”?

Watch clips, listen to a talk, have some discussion led by the entertaining and insightful philosopher, Dr Greg Scorzo.

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Cafe / Bar open


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