You can't say that!
14, September 2017

A Culture On The Offensive event, 6-9.30pm
An evening practicing ‘The Art of Thinking.’


Are the people revolting? When is free speech not really free speech?

Are you fed up with the polarised black and white thinking often caused by those social media echo chambers? Come along to a fun, informal, sociable and thought provoking evening talk and discussion.
Eat, drink and have new rambling conversations led by the entertaining and insightful philosopher, Dr Greg Scorzo.

Challenge and develop your personal world view, and unravel your thought processes

The evening will centre around current cultural trends in the contemporary digital age, and will focus on YouTube vloggers and videos, as well as film clips. Learn new ways of thinking outside of the box and gain tools to use in other aspects of your personal life. Link up with other people who enjoy free-thinking.

‘You don’t have to think like everybody else.’

A Culture On The Offensive event at LCB.

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