Creative Industries Programme

LCB Depot's programme highlights a different type of creativity every month with exhibitions and events run by and for the cities creative communities.

Artists, designers and makers from our workspaces, based in Leicester/shire and inter/nationally take over our spaces and hold discussions, run workshops, exhibit and sell work, and more.

Current Exhibition: #craft May 2021

See our programme pages below to see the latest work from the the creative industries we explore throughout the year.

#graphics illustration, animation, motion graphics, branding, typography, Jan 2021

#interactive XR, Gaming, UX Feb 2021

#film photography and video, March 20202021

#fashion textiles, contour, & footwear design, April 20202021
#craft ceramics, glass, metal, May 2020
#audiovisual visual, sound, interactive art, June 2020, 2021

#architecture via LRSA, October 2021

#visualart visual art, sculpture, video art November 2020, 2021

LCB Showcase winners - LCB Award winning artists selected from the Open 30 exhibition

Over the Summer a variety of festivals use our spaces finishing with Design Season

The 2020 edition featured our Design Showcase exhibition that brought together work from different design disciplines.

You can checkout alternative local exhibition venues here

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